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Excavation, Site Work, Demolition, & Concrete in South Paris, MaineBedard Excavation has been in business since March of 2002. We are committed to providing quality excavation services to every residential and commercial customer. We offer full site excavation service at an affordable price. Bedard Excavation has an outstanding reputation for outstanding quality work such as industrial development, residential housing, lot clearing, demolition, roadway construction, storm drainage, parking lots, septic systems and sewer lines.

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"5 Stars all the way around. Customer service is excellent, they did a great job at a good price. I would totally recommend them to others." P. Lee

Meet Mr. Wiggles

Wiggles the Wonder Dog Bedard Excavation of South Paris Maine

Our loving Dalmatian, American Bull Dog.
Mr. Wiggles leaves an impression with people he meets on the job. There are tons of health benefits to having a pet. We have heard studies show interactions with dogs lower blood pressure, regulate heart rate and breathing, and relieves stress. Advocates of pet-friendly work places, including the American Humane Society, say dogs in the work place can improve morale. For us, we just love Mr. Wiggles! Click the More button to go Mr. Wiggle's own photo gallery


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