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Commercial Projects

Bedard Excavation provides high quality service and technical expertise. We communicate with you every step of the project. We are experts at commercial site work and excavation. Bedard knows that all projects require a unique approach and a lot of attention to detail. 
Here is a list of only some of the commercial work we have provided for our clients.

Augusta, Maine

Augusta, Maine installed new boat launch and fishing pier

Installed new boat launch and fishing pier

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Monmouth, Maine

Monmouth, Maine Removed old boat launch and installed new launch

Installed new boat launch with concrete abutment. Repaved ramp and walkway.

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Lewiston, Maine

Lewiston, Maine Removed old sidewalks and installed new curbing on Jefferson and Bradley St

Removed old sidewalks and installed granite curbs on Jefferson & Bradley St.

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Sebago, Maine

Sebago, Maine Reconstructed Parking Lot, Re-Paved, & Installed Outhouses

Reconstructed the parking area and the boat launch. We re-paved and installed outhouses.

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Gray, Maine

Installed Walking Trail Gray Maine by Bedard Excavation

Created a beautiful walking trail.

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Danforth Street, Norway, Maine

Dug Storm Drains, Installed Sidewalk, Installed Curbs, Paved on Danforth Street in Norway, Maine

Dug storm drains and installed new sidewalk curbs and paved.

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Harrison, Maine

Harrison, Maine Western Maine Fish and Game Resurfacing Parking Area

Resurfaced parking area, built beams for shooting range, and did some drainage.

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Norway, Maine

Installed New Septic System and Dug for Well Norway Maine

Cleared Lot, Installed Driveway, Drains, & Septic System

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Lily Pond Boat Access

Lily Pond Boat Access and Parking Area Maine

Installed Swing Gate, Cleared Parking Area, Excavated, & Paved

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Seboeis Boat Launch

Seboeis Boat Launch Replacement and Parking Lot Expansion

Excavated Area, Regraded and Resurfaced Area, Paved Parking Area

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Alpine Street Norway, Maine

Storm Drain Install in Norway Maine

Installed new pipe, culverts, catch basin. Installed new storm drain

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Androscoggin Boat Launch

Androscoggin Boat Launch in Rumford, Maine

Installed a new boat launch and parking area at Androscoggin Boat Launch

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Pine & Park Street Lewiston

Storm Drain Install in Norway Maine

Removed old brick paver sidewalk, installed new granite curb & concrete sidewalks

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